What is PC3R's?

The 3Rs in our name stand for Recycle, Refurbish and Re-use.

We encourage local organisations/businesses and individuals to donate their old equipment to the project rather than taking them to landfill sites. That way a person’s redundant piece of equipment may be able to be recovered for use within the community.

As 1 of only 5 Microsoft Registered Refurbishers within Carmarthenshire, we are able to take donations of IT equipment and use genuine Microsoft products to help refurbish them for sale or donation.

We also champion and promote Open Source products which enables us to use free alternative programmes.

All machines donated will be wiped and reset to factory settings. Once refurbished, the PCs/laptops are donated or sold to community groups/eligible individuals. We contact partners to produce a register of all interested parties. The interested parties are referred to us, placed on a waiting list and their needs are serviced when a suitable product becomes available.

If an old PC/laptop is unable to be refurbished it is stripped of all parts to be re-used as much as possible.

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FREE PC Health Check

For When your PC is slow

Get your laptop or desktop checked out for any problems or bugs. If any work needs to be done, we will provide you with a free no obligation quote.

Donate Your Old PC or Computer Parts

Click HERE to contact us to arrange collection of your PC or parts or Look down below

Contact Us

Tel: 01554 772056

Email: pc3rs@cetma.org.uk

If you need help with a service or product that you have purchased, please email: support@cetma.org.uk

Secure Hard Drive Wipe

Extra Protection When re-selling your PC

With price tiers from 160GB, 320GB, and 500GB, we can securely wipe your hard drive, ensuring that nobody can access your information when you sell your PC!

PC3Rs is a project managed by the Llanelli non-profit social enterprise CETMA and is part of The Llanelli Environmental Network (LEN). LEN’s aim is to provide greater awareness of environmental matters in the area and help make Llanelli a cleaner, greener place to live. LEN wants to work towards a positive change in the community through donations of equipment and expertise, and by providing low-income families and individuals with access to cheap, reliable IT equipment. The social benefits of helping to get people online are of increasing importance to our organisation.