Weʼre raising £3,000 to set up support for young people suffering from mental health issues in Carmarthenshire.

Dont panic

Sadly there have been a lot of Young People (11 to 25), mostly males attempting to take their own lives in Carmarthenshire. To help combat this, CETMA is training 2 volunteers up to become counsellors, we’re setting up a football team and we’re also working with local organisations to put in place a support network so that we can help as many Young People as possible.

We already have a support group for Adults called The ‘Don’t Panic’ group which meets in Llanelli on the 2nd Friday and 3rd Thursday of the month.

But that won’t be enough, sadly we need your support too. Even though we have volunteers, there are still project costs. You funds will go towards these project costs enabling us to provide the support for free. We’d like to be able to offer this support in the communities of Carmarthenshire, with your help we can do this.

Let’s help the young people of today become the best possible adults of tomorrow.


Even just sharing on facebook can go a long way to help those in need.

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