CETMA are holding a New Year’s Disco for the children of Pembrey and Burry Port on Friday 28th December.


The disco starts at 6 and runs till 8 for under 11s, and from 8 till 10 for over 11s. There’ll be some stalls, party dances and of course, music is provided by DJ Law.


The discos are part of CETMA’s work in the community of Pembrey and Burry Port to help provide activities for area’s young people.


Jonathan Williams, CETMA MD said:


“We’re giving young DJs or singers or bands, the opportunity to play in front of a live audience and develop their confidence and build their skills.”


“We’re hoping that in the future, we’ll be able to provide more opportunities for the young people and hold more events.”


“We want to engage with the community to try and find out what else is needed and then try to cater for those needs.”


The Disco is on Friday 28th December at 6pm in Pembrey Memorial Hall, Pembrey. Entry is £1 or 2 time credits.


To find out more details, visit or ring 01554 772056.

CETMA or Community Engagement, Technology, Media & Arts is a social enterprise that Provides Social Engagement, Training, Health and Wellbeing through the development of unique sustainable projects for individuals, organisations and businesses.


Our current projects are:

  • The West Wales Chronicle
  • Carmarthenshire Rural Net.Works
  • Llanelli LGBT Support
  • Wales Wildlife Watch
  • CETMA Business Support
  • Bug Media
  • CETMA Mental Health Support Football Team
  • Llanelli and District Walking Football League
  • Learn my Way
  • Reboot Uk


To find out more about CETMA and the work is does, please visit

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