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Daniel’s Fans in Dafen, Llanelli have donated a large amount of pc equipment to CETMA’s PC3Rs project.

The PC 3Rs Project wants to work towards a positive change in the community through donations of equipment and expertise, and by providing low-income families, organisations and individuals with access to cheap, reliable IT equipment.  PC 3Rs stand for Recovery, Refurbish and Re-use.

Daren Lowe, Cetma PC3Rs manager said:

“We’d like to thank Daniel’s Fans for their kind donation. This equipment will be refurbished and brought back into use for the community.”

“We’ve donated IT equipment to Glanamman, a school in The Gambia and we some others ready to go to local organisations, so everything donated helps the cause. Please get in touch if you need some equipment.”

If anyone would like to volunteer or find out more then please email dlowe@cetma.org.uk or visit https://www.facebook.com/Pc3RsProject/

To find out more about CETMA and the work is does, please visit www.cetma.org.uk