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CETMA’s Llanelli LGBTQ+ Day is inspiring business to commit to making the local LGBTQ+ population’s lives better!


The event, now in its fourth year sees organisations and residents join together to promote equality and diversity in Carmarthenshire and it’s one of only a handful of events devoted to LGBTQ+ community in Wales this year.


Signing up as LGBTQ+ friendly businesses are Anyone Waiting run and by Paul and The Bean Network which is run by Colin Harrison.


By signing up, businesses are expected to promote Equality, tolerance, ending stigma and working together with other LGBTQ+ businesses and organisations to make Carmarthenshire a better place.


Paul Francis of Anyone Waiting said: “We’re proud to sponsor and to sign up as a LGBTQ+ friendly business. We believe whole heartedly in the scheme’s aims and objectives.”


Colin Harrison from the Bean Network said: “This is something that we’re over the moon to sign up for and help to promote and organise.” The scheme is open to any business or organisation that signs up and commits to its aims.

Izzy Khan, CETMA Diversity Officer said: “All the businesses or organisations that sign up will receive a certificate and their name on our LGBTQ+ business friendly directory.”


Llanelli LGBTQ+ day is being held on Festival Fields from 12 on Saturday 4th August 2018.


If anyone would like to volunteer, then please email info@cetma.org.uk or contact us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/LlanelliLGBT/

The Llanelli LGBTQ+ Support Project aims to set up a regular drop in session for LGBTs, give Llanelli LGBTs the ability to comment via all platforms, increase LGBT community participation, and publicise Llanelli LGBT Support via attendance at events.


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