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Donated PCs to the CETMA’s PC3Rs project from local businesses and the public have arrived in The Gambia to be used by a local school.

Cetma, in partnership with Afia Banjul Children’s Football Academy Foundation have donated 2 pcs and a printer to the Picca School in Banjul, The Gambia. Also donated was some books from the organisation’s Free Books Llanelli Project.

Isabel Goodman of Afia Banjul Children’s Football Academy Foundation said:

“We are extremely grateful to everyone at Cetma for the donation of the two PC’s and books for the children at Picca School.”

“The headmaster at the school, Kebba Jallow, was overjoyed and surprised when the shipment arrived last week and immediately set up the computers for the staff and children to use.”

The books and PCs had to travel over 2700 miles and arrived in good condition, Daren Lowe, Cetma PC3Rs manager said:

“We’re extremely proud to support Picca School and will find other ways of helping them. It’s not just Africa that we donate PCs too, but we have donated to local organisations too.”

“We like to find uses for the pcs other than just send them to the tip because we know that there are people and organisations that badly need IT equipment.”

The PC 3Rs Project wants to work towards a positive change in the community through donations of equipment and expertise, and by providing low-income families and individuals with access to cheap, reliable IT equipment.  PC 3Rs stand for Recovery, Refurbish and Re-use:

If anyone would like to volunteer or find out more then please email dlowe@cetma.org.uk or visit https://www.facebook.com/Pc3RsProject/

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